March at the Merc: “Restless Earth” with Jack Nisbet

March 27, 2016 at 7pm
Merc Playhouse in Twisp
Suggested donation, $12 per person

The story of the great earthquake of the Inland Northwest: A slide presentation by naturalist Jack Nisbet.
Jack Nisbet
Geologists and historians are still trying to sort out exactly what happened when a powerful earthquake shook much of the Inland Northwest in December of 1872. Native Americans who lived in the area at the time tell stories about rivers being diverted and the landscape altered. This slide presentation by author and teacher Jack Nisbet is an attempt to piece together the story with oral accounts, written descriptions, and the latest scientific research.

Based in Spokane, Jack Nisbet is the author of several books that explore the human and natural history of the Northwest, including The Collector, a biography of David Douglas that was named a 2010 Book of the Year by the PNW Booksellers Association. Nisbet’s most recent book, Ancient Places, is a cycle of stories about people and phenomena that helped to shape the landscape of our region. Jess Walter called it a “fascinating read,” and said “I can think of no better guide to this corner of the West.”


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3 Responses to March at the Merc: “Restless Earth” with Jack Nisbet

  1. what a shame this is scheduled on Easter- what a wonderful presentation it would be.

  2. Eric Burr says:

    Jack’s latest book: ANCIENT PLACES (2016) is in at Trails End.

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