Carlton Complex Fire 3 Years Later: An Update on Wildlife & Vegetation Recovery

Learn how wildlife and vegetation are recovering from the 2014 Carlton Complex Fire from Kristina Bartowitz, Conservation Biologist with Pacific Biodiversity Institute.

Kristina Bartowitz working in the shrub-steppe

Kristina Bartowitz working in the shrub-steppe

Kristina has a MS in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development and a BS in Zoology and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She studied and worked abroad on conservation science projects in Panama and Costa Rica for over a year. She has diverse expertise in conservation biology, botany, wildlife biology, ecology, statistics and GIS analysis.

The talk is on Sunday, June 25, 2017, from 5:00-6:30PM at the MVIC building, 5th & Glover Streets on the TwispWorks Campus. No Admission Fee – Donations are appreciated

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