Partnerships with the Methow Field Institute

The Methow Field Institute is located in the Methow Valley Interpretive Center (MVIC) building. Methow Field Institute and the Interpretive Center are partners with TwispWorks and with the Confluence Gallery. TwispWorks collaborates with the MVIC in providing venues and publicity for our programs. The MVIC is central to the TwispWorks campus, providing both the Interpretive Center building as well as the Methow Valley Native Plant Garden.

Other partners include:

  • The Paschal Sherman Indian School is currently involved in supporting our pit house and Native encampment project by bringing volunteer students (from 50 miles away) to work together with Independent Learning Center students from local schools.
  • Washington Native Plant Society assists with the Methow Valley Native Plant Garden.
  • Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation provides advice and display materials for our River of Life display.
  • Bureau of Reclamation provides invaluable advice and assistance in building displays.
  • Thanks to many others who have contributed to displays, programs and outreach.

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