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Updates from the Field Biologists Join local wildlife biologists Ray Robertson and Steph Williams for stories and images of the 2015 field season, in search of North Cascades wolves, bears and wolverines. A Last Sunday Presentation at the Methow Valley Interpretive Center.

Sept. 27 – Trade, Travel, and Ancient Salish Crossings of the North Cascades. Bob Mierendorf comes to the Interpretive Center on Sunday, September 27, at 5pm, to talk about ancient trade routes in the North Cascades from the point of view of an archaeologist.

Aug. 30 – Children of the Methow – A Tribute to Children of the Methow with Native Flutes, Drums, Dance.
Join a potluck gathering at the Twisp Works at 4:00 on Sunday August 30. This is a special gathering with native flutes, drumming, dancing, singing and food.

July 26 – Patterns of Distribution: Endemic, Disjunct, and Peripheral Rare Plants
Joe Arnett will describe the intricate world of rare plant biology. Joe is the state rare plant botanist for the Washington Natural Heritage Program that works to conserve rare plants and ecosystems of Washington. Joe teaches courses in Botany and is the author of several botany guides and a book of essays titled, Walking in the Beauty of the World, Reflections of a Northwest Botanist, published by the Washington Native Plant Society in 2004. Joe hinted he will bring his guitar and some folk songs. July 26, from 5 – 6:30 pm at the MVIC.

July 25 – Arrow making, an Ancestral Skills Workshop presented by Lynx Vilden
Saturday, July 25, 10am – 2pm at the MVIC Pit House.

July 18 – Bark basket-making, an Ancestral Skills Workshop presented by Eric Wittenbach
on Saturday, July 18, 10am – 2pm at the MVIC Pit House.

July 11 Fire starting skills, an Ancestral Skills Workshop presented by Xavier de la Forêt on Saturday, July 11, 10am – 2pm at the MVIC Pit House.

July 4 – Ancestral Skills Demonstrations by Eric Wittenbach and team for the 4th of July on Saturday, July 4th at Twisp Park (Noon – 4pm).

June 28 – Explore the Methow Valley Native Garden with native plant expert Rob Crandall and friends.
Rob Crandall talks about the benefits of native plants, butterflies and other pollinators and drought tolerant landscape design. Rob is the owner of Methow Natives Nursery and the designer of the Methow Valley Interpretive Center Native Garden. Rob loves to share his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for native plants. June 28, from 6 – 7:30 pm.

June 27 – How to make cordage and bindings, an Ancestral Skills Workshop presented by Xavier de la Forêt on Saturday June 27 from 10am – 2pm at the MVIC Pit House.

June 20 – Leathercraft, an Ancestral Skills Workshop presented by Epona Rosa and Alexander Ember on Saturday, June 20 from 10am – 2pm at the MVIC Pit House.

May 31 – The Majestic Methow: A Treasured Landscape. Why it was selected and what that means for you. Natalie Kuehler of the National Forest Foundation describes the National Forest Foundation designation of the Majestic Methow as one of 14 Treasured Landscapes in the United States. May 31.

April 26 – Lichens: The People Connection
Come hear a talk and demonstration of lichen dying is given by Sara Ashford of Culler Studio, and George Wooten, Methow Field Institute. The talk accompanies an exhibit of lichens at the MVIC.

Mar. 19 – Special Event: Conflagration To Transformation
Join Wildland Fire Specialist Bill Moody, Okanogan Conservation District’s Leslie Michel, and special guest Katherine Rowden of National Weather Service as they talk about how the weather came into play in precipitating the largest firestorm in Washington State history and what resultant transformations we expect in our surroundings. Thursday, March 19 at 7pm at the Merc Playhouse in Twisp.

Fridays – Pine Needle Basket Weaving Workshops. Held Every Friday at the MVIC from noon to 5pm at the MVIC. Suggested donation $10.

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