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October 30 – Songbird Migrations and Final Call to donate to MVIC through Give Methow

American goldfinch eyes Don McIvor


American goldfinch eyes Don McIvor

Migratory birds are avian migrants that connect the Methow Valley with landscapes as distant and exotic as the high arctic tundra and the pampas of South America.

Presenter Don McIvor has been Nevada Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon and Science Coordinator for Audubon Washington. He currently teaches Ornithology at Wenatchee Valley College in Omak and has several books to his credit.

Last Sunday presentations are free to the public. October is our last Last Sunday Presentation this year and it is your last chance to support these talks through Give Methow.

Please consider helping us continue this program by donating to the Interpretive Center. Visit www.givemethow.org to show your support by October 31.

Help us through Give MethowEach donation of $100 helps bring a speaker to the Methow Valley. This year alone that included dozens of events

Mar 27: Last Sunday Speaker, Jack Nesbit – Restless Earth

Apr 27: Last Sunday Speaker, Stephen Slaughter – Landslide Hazards of WA State

May 28: Native Plant Sale

May 29: Last Sunday Speaker, Tribal Elder Arnie Marchand – Stories

June 3:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving begins – every Friday through Labor Day

June 4:  Ancestral Skills Workshops – making cordage and bindings

June 7: Methow Valley Native Plant Garden by Rob Crandall for the Methow Conservancy First Tuesday Presentation

June 10:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

June 11:  Ancestral Skills Workshops – making elderberry containers

June 17:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

June 18:  Ancestral Skills Workshops – making buckskin pouches

June 24:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

June 25:  Ancestral Skills Workshops – fire starting skills

June 26: Last Sunday Speaker, Joanna Bastian – The Entirely Complete History of the Methow Valley

July 1:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

July 4th:  Ancestral Skills Workshops – at Twisp Park during ArtFest

July 8:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

July 9:  Ancestral Skills Workshops – natural binders, pigments, watercolors and charcoal for art projects

July 15:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

July 22:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

July 29:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

July 31: Last Sunday Speaker, Hannah Newell – Finding the Methow Beaver

August 5:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

August 6:  Native Garden Kid’s Day

August 12:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

August 19:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

August 26:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

August: Miller Family Commemorative

August 28:   Last Sunday Speaker, Ray Robertson – More Methow Wildlife?

September 2:  Pine Needle Basket Weaving

Sept 25: Last Sunday Speaker, Bruce Bjornstad – Birdseye View of the Ice Age Floods

Oct 30: Last Sunday Speaker, Don McIvor – Migratory Birds:  The Methow’s International Travelers

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