Help celebrate with us by renewing your membership or becoming a new member. Your donations and memberships from the past year helped us to:

  • Hire staff
  • Pay honoraria for visiting speakers
  • Add new displays including the Carlton Complex Fire Display
  • Create new display stands
  • Get the word out to the community via publicity and internet
  • Purchase office equipment and chairs
  • Pay the rent and utilities

Memberships are vital to us. Half of our annual budget comes from local donors. Thank you for giving!

MVIC-donate-form-imageTo become a member, print the membership form or this page and mail it in. Click here for the membership form
Send membership requests to: Methow Valley Interpretive Center, PO Box 771, Twisp WA 98856

You can also become a member on our secure website through Master Card, Visa or Paypal:

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